clip-on SM series loupes

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Brand Name Ymarda
Model Clip-on SM loupes
magnification 2.5X , 3.0X
working distance 280-600mm
viewing angle adjustable
field of view 90-180mm
material optical lens
certificate ISO9001:2008,CE



Different magnifications are optional

Item Optical System Working distance

Field of  View

Viewing Angle Weight with  the frame)
 2.5X-R Compound Optics 300 - 500 mm 170mm Adjustable 31g
2.5X-L Compound Optics 400 - 600 mm 180mm Adjustable 31g




Magnification Optical System Working distance Field of View Viewing Angle Weight with  the frame)
3.0X-S 3.0X Compound Optics 280-380mm 90mm Adjustable 30g
3.0X-R 3.0X Compound Optics 360 - 460 mm 100mm Adjustable 30g
3.0X-L 3.0X Compound Optics 440- 540 mm 100mm Adjustable 30g
3.0X-XL 3.0X Compound Optics 500- 600 mm 110mm Adjustable 30g



Warranty: One year

Supply ability :3000 pieces per month



Each loupe including the following :

Cloth case                            One piece

Cleaning cloth                     One piece  

Head strap                            One piece

Grip Flip                                 One piece

Screw driver                          One piece

Lens cover                             One pair



Different kinds of packing cases are optional: