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Our factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of binocular medical loupes, clip-on loupes, headband loupes and the portable LED headband matched with the loupes. Magnification of the loupes are optional from 2X to 8X , there are the working distance of short , regular , long and extra-long which are suitable all kinds purpose and user . Many applications can be found in microsurgeries, operations of dentistry, nerve and heart disease etc for our products. And also the loupes are widely used for the electronic industry, precise manufacture, textile facture and researcher, engineer which require the precise observation in Optical Magnification.


Our loupes are acknowledged by many customers with the fine image, precision in manufacture, good on and after-service with reasonable price. Our loupes have been sold to over 70 countries around the world, and we also provide the loupes and LED headlight for some famous loupes companies in the world.